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On February 13, 2003 our first child, Ava Marie Beeler, was born. Because it was a normal pregnancy, we were shocked when Ava was born with a rare form of craniosynostosis and that she had what is called a cloverleaf skull. Ava also had hydrocephalus and a ventricular septal defect. On the second day of her life, she underwent a major skull surgery to "unfuse" the sutures, relieve pressure on her brain, and re-shape her head. We were terrified, but Ava miraculously survived. Over the next 8 weeks in the NICU, Ava fought many battles. She underwent more surgery to insert a trach and a feeding tube. Slowly she began to recover and was able to come home.

During the first year Ava had eight surgeries and faces many more. But she continues to enjoy life and grows and develops at her own pace. We hope that you enjoy the pictures.


2 years old, a little fun with chocolate

looking at mommy (4 weeks old)

hanging with dad after the second cranial surgery (8 months old)


with grandpa on Father's Day (16 months old)

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