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Update:  Posterior Cranial Vault and Chiari Decompression
Update:  Ashley's Cranial Surgery

Update:  After Hand and Strabismus Surgery, November 2005




Jessica, Topher, and Ashley - September 2005

Eye surgery, August 2005

Left hand thumb and pinkie, July 2005

Hanging out with Big Brother Topher

After right hand finger release March 1, 2005


Hanging out in the swing

After External ventricle drain surgery Feb. 2, 2005

After Shunt surgery Feb. 4, 2005

Right after surgery Jan 25, 2005

Ashley with cut from Endoscpoic Third Ventriculostomy Jan 25, 2005

Ashley's new fingers, March 10 2005

Ashley's new fingers, March 10 2005

Ashley's new fingers, March 10 2005

Ashley after shunt surgery




Hi, I'm Lisa and my Husband is Mike. We are both 34 years old and live in Houston, Texas. We have a 3 year old son Christopher and on June 29th, 2004 had twin girls, Jessica and Ashley, one of which (Ashley) has Apert Syndrome. We are very new to all this and any advice would be appreciated.

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