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Jenny Brown
Single... date of Birth 11/11/66 in Burlington Vermont. No midface advancement... just craniosynotosis and hand Burlington and in Greenville SC at Shriner's Hospital... 1 brother (older) two younger sisters.. no family history of Apert. I think I have type III hands....and had 8 surgeries (4 a piece to separate what they did.). Graduated in the top 12% of my high school in 1984... Jenkins High in Savannah Graduated College with a B.A. in Liberal Arts in 1988 1989 - 1991 was a Case Manager for the Community Care Services program in Savannah 1991-1999 Social Worker at a retirement community, 1999 Promoted to Site Manager... Just finished my Master's Degree in Counseling with a 3.77 average this Summer For fun I play trumpet and sing in the Music Ministry at Sacred Heart Church in Savannah, was voted Parishioner of the year for 2000, and am on the Parish council and the co chair for the Christian Service Committee... I hang out with friends love to do Photography, i work out, ride bikes, hike, and go to the beach... particularly in the winter... in my spare time I sleep!!! hahahahaha. Email is!!! LOVE YA! Jenny


Jenny's Dad dancing with Jenny


Jenny and her brother Jim

Jenny 30 years with her niece Ellen, 2 1/2

Jenny Brown 31 years with her sisters Ruth and Margaret

Jenny with Nicole Miller, 
Myrtle Beach, June 2000

Jenny at the beach, June 2000

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