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(January 20, 2004 via Apert listserv)

Hello everyone. Unfortunately I have the worst news ever. Brodie had a seizure on Sunday afternoon and spiked a temp of 101.9.  I called 911 as soon as the seizure started then he stopped breathing.  I bagged (breathed for him) him, we went to the ER and he continued to seize for 2 hours.  His temp went up to 107+ in the ER.  He went to ICU after he was stabilized.  We aren't sure if he had meningitis or what.  His CT scan showed severe irreversible brain damage.  He never started breathing on his own anymore so he was on a vent until today.  We let them turn off the vent and he passed away in my arms.  He was on 3 different blood pressure meds just to keep his heart beating.  This was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through.  He was supposed to get his trach out tomorrow.  I will look forward to reading every day as I have to see how well your angels are doing.  Treasure every moment.  They are so precious and we aren't promised another day. 

Bless you all.  Sharon

This is Brodie. He was born 6/18/01 and given a very grim future by many doctors.. Well he's going to 1 year old next week and he is doing great. He, of course, has had a very hard year, but he has come a very long way. We have learned how to hurry up and wait, that's for sure. He has had many surgeries and procedures done like malrotated intestine, trach, G-tube with nissen, left eye sutured to prevent dryness (he can still see out of it), tracheal reconstruction which was very touch and go, craniosynostosis and on June 27 he is having frontal orbital advancement surgery. He has shown us a new way of seeing absolutely everything and we love him soooo much!  Look at these children with similar problems and they are much older than Brodie, it keeps me positive that one day he will be better!

Sharon Bullock
Brodie's mom



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