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"I love to play with my brother's toys when he is at school"

The Estrada Family

Hi!  We are the Estrada family.  We live in San Antonio, Texas.  Our son, Antonio, was born on July 12, 2003 with Apert syndrome. 

I believe the story is the same for the majority of us.  I remember being scared and confused and asking the neonatologist to spell Apert for me.  He wrote on a piece of paper a word that I had never heard before and a word that is now part of our daily lives. 

We are so lucky to have Antonio.  Antonio has a great big brother who loves him so much, his name is Miguel and he is 8 years old.  Miguel and Antonio's birthday parties are 6 days apart which makes for interesting party planning. 

My name is Hope and my husband's name is Antonio.  Our baby has had 3 surgeries to date:  cranial, hands, and eye muscles.  Antonio is a very happy baby with a great smile and curly hair.  We all have really straight hair, go figure! 

I can't say enough about how great Teeter's Page has been for our family.  We have met 3 great families from our area that are also on the listserv and look forward to meeting many more.  We have learned more from this site than anywhere else.  Thank you so much to the Sears family for providing this arena for us. 

I have been wanting to do this for a long time, so here we are!  Enjoy the pictures!


Antonio is one day old.  He spent 4 days in the NICU.

Antonio & Miguel - quality time


Preparing for his cranial surgery, 1/7/04

About 1 1/2 weeks after cranial surgery

One day before hand surgery, 3/6/04

"I love me"

Future soccer star!


"I always smile for the camera!"

One day after eye muscle surgery

"I get my hearing tested every 3 months"

Happy 1st Birthday!  7/12/04


Happy 8th Birthday, Miguel!

"We love to go out!"

"I love the water!"

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