florida 2000


The whole gang!

The Williams Family:
Clyde (aka Slick), Carlee, Marilyn, Cody, and Cristy

The Roehls:
Bailey, Kieran, Sherry, Laney, and Greg


The Millers:
Michelle, Stephen, Jack, Nicole, Erica, and Rachel


Jennifer, Kassidy, Billy and Katey Spears



Charmane and Bryan

Monica and Alan

The Brinkman Family:
Maddie, Marc, Jill, and Lauren

Dale Earnhardt, Tony, Chris, and Patty Sapp

Katey Spears and Shirley

Sherri Colbert, Kassidy and Katey Spears, and Pooh


all photos and text are the property of the families represented, and may not be used without their consent.