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Hunter Allen Moss was born November 10th 1999, after a very normal pregnancy. The only complication that I had was during labor I had pre-eclampsia (High blood pressure). So there for I donít really remember much about my labor I was on a lot of medication to get the blood pressure down. But I do remember some time after he was born that the doctors had brought me into see my baby boy. But I was so out of it that I passed out in the wheel chair. That was when they were getting ready to transport him by helicopter to Blank Childrenís hospital in Des Moines. I had to stay back at the hospital where he was born for 3 days before I could go and see him. It was terrible I didnít understand too much at first due to the medication they gave me. But the next morning I was beside myself. Just didnít understand what was going on with him. The nurses came in and had explained to me that Hunter wasnít able to breathe on his own and he was taken to Blank childrenís hospital where I could go see him now since I was ok.

All the way to Des Moines I was so nervous but excited to finally see my baby. We arrived at the hospital and they said the doctors wanted to talk with me. That is when they told me that Hunter has apert syndrome. I didnít know what that was or what that meant but I really just wanted to go and see my son. The first impression was so scared!! He had so many things going on. I couldnít hold him. I couldnít make much noise around him. He spent about a month there. Learning how to breathe on his own, learning how to suck from a bottle, learning how to eat, all these things he had to do before I could take him home. I will never forget when I got to hold him for the first time. He fought like a champ and next thing I know we are on are way home. After staying in a hospital waiting room I was ready to be home. Hunter has had all of his hands surgery done. He has five fingers on both hands. His first hand surgery was done in St.Louis, Mo. With Dr. Cheng. Then the rest was done at Iowa City. He has had ear tubes in both ears since he was born. He also had a hydrocele surgery done. But other then his hands and ears he hasnít had any other major surgerys. Hunter has all kinds of allergy troubles and has some asthma issues.

Hunter started out with some in home AEA working on things with him. He got PT, OT, and Speech services. They worked with him up until he was able to go to Pre-Kindergarten. Once they enter the school system then it all changes. He still receives all of those same services but though the school. He has an aide with him through most of the day.

Hunter is a happy little boy. He loves Elmo, race cars, food, and the local PBS kidís channel. Nothing better to him then watching a race on Sunday afternoons.

Hunter has been a blessing to me and my family. He has taught me so much about life. So I guess the only advice that I can give here is to love you child for who they are. Thank you so much to Cat and Don and Teeter for creating a place and a group for all of us to talk. This has helped me out so much and it has taught me a lot!! If anybody wants to talk or has questions email me at

God Bless each and every one of you and your child!!

Kristin and Hunter


Hunter, Mom Kristin, and brother Dakota (Cody)


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