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With brother Alex, Christmas 2003

It was a whirlwind year the first year after Avery was born, so many doctor’s appointments and surgeries. Fortunately things slowed down after that and things have been pretty easy going since then. We were fortunate enough to be blessed with another addition to our family about two years after Avery was born. Avery and Alex make quite a pair and we have enjoyed every moment of being parents to these wonderful children.

Avery has had four surgeries so far. Avery’s first surgery was her cranial surgery done at 4 months of age. Her second surgery was a hand surgery at 8 months of age and her third surgery was another hand surgery at 13 months of age. She has had one eye surgery since then. We have stayed local for some surgeries and traveled for others depending on the skill of the doctors involved.

The day Avery was born was hard as were the days that followed. But things soon changed and since then Avery has given us nothing but joy. We feel blessed to have her in our lives.


2 and a half years old

With friend Nathan

2 years old at the zoo

2 years old at the park

17 months, our new walker

15 months old, Halloween


22 months old, Mother's Day

1 year birthday

1 year old, second hand surgery

7 months old

3 months old

2 weeks old

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