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Halloween 2004

Olivia with her Sister, Mom, and Grandma

The Doc says he may be able to fix it with a future surgery!

Olivia at Birth-She was born via c-section weighing 9 lbs 14 oz

Olivia Marie Sanborn came into our lives and our hearts on December 23rd, 2002. Laurel's pregnancy was pretty normal with the exception of borderline placenta previa early in the pregnancy. We had a test called a "quad screen" done early in the pregnancy and were told that the baby was high risk for Downs Syndrome because of the numbers that came back on the blood tests. Much to our dismay, we had a amnio done that came back saying that everything was "normal".....wrong!!! Anyway, throughout the rest of the pregnancy Laurel had a "feeling" that something was wrong, but everyone assured us that things on the ultrasound looked fine, except for small head size (which they said could vary from child to child). Anyway, thus we found out on Christmas Eve that Olivia had Pfeiffer Syndrome. It wasn't picked up until a day after she was born and then it was probably only picked up because she has broad toes and thumbs. She also had some difficulty in breathing.

Olivia has had some challenges in the first year such as 12 days in the hospital with RSV, intestinal malrotation surgery, and her first cranial vault surgery.

As all of the children (and adults) on this board do, she amazes us everyday with her strength, love, and zest for life. She has a big sister named Amelia, who is almost 3, and a chocolate lab dog named Coco. We live in Vermont (a nice state in the fall, but VERY cold and snowy in the winter!).


Olivia the night before her cranial vault in Dallas

Olivia two days after her cranial vault surgery...poor punkin...look at those eyes!

Olivia eating her first birthday cake!

Olivia and her sister, Amelia, on Christmas Eve 2003


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