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  • Craniofacial 3 months & 17 months
  • hand/feet surgeries: 7 months & 11 months
  • 3rd foot/toe surgery approx. 4
  • tubes in ears: 6 times
  • Oral: once at 6

Presently, Katey just completed the first grade. They decided to keep her out one more year because her birthday was just a month before the cut off.  Katey is very bright, loves computers, movies, watermelon, salads, and playing anything outside. She also loves reading and amazes me when she reads because she is so into her story that she will laugh out loud as if she were right in the middle of the story. She has a sister Kassidy who is 4 and they really are best friends most of the time. Katey recently had a CT scan and it was the first with no sedation. We did a lot of roll play at home in preparation and when the moment came, she sat on the table and told the tech that it had been a while since she had done this so she would need a few minutes with her Mom. They talked, Katey laid down and EVEN let them restrain her head. Her sister and I took off to the cafeteria for what we thought would be a long wait. 10 minutes later her they come, I swallowed hard and looked at my daughter........she said we're done..........and the rest of the story you know. Her results were good. Katey's neurosurgeon is Dr. Patissapu. He is advising her parents to get a second opinion on a mid-face advancement. Katey's eyes are wide set and she only uses one at a time except for distance. When she was 4 her plastic surgeon scared us to death with stories so it was decided to put off the surgery until she is older.........the 50/50 she will be blind really threw us for a loop. So this summer, they are going to meet with a specialist in St. Pete for the 2nd opinion.

Sherri Colbert a/k/a graneebear


Katey, her sister Kassidy, and their Mother had the opportunity to attend one of the Tests for a new happening
 at The Grand Floridian at WDW.
It was "A Tea Party with A Princess", Sleeping Beauty, Aurora.
It was fantastic and I hope you enjoy the photos.

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