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This is Shayne Stillar.  The first picture is of a bike race I did in my home town of Int'l Falls MINNESOTA., I am the third rider back in the white jersey and blue helmet. This was the lead pack and the two riders that are the closest to me are two of my good racing friends. I took fourth in the 24 mile race. The picture of me with the deer which I got in the fall of 98 . The picture of me with the fish are suckers that I caught at my cabin.  The picture of me with my parents that was of my Graduation from Bemidji State University.

I was born in 1966 with Apert syndrome and have gone through all of the operations associated with the syndrome. I have also gone through all the teasing from the kids when I was in grade school.  I have also have had people tell me that I wasn't college material.  I however didn't listen to these people or let their teasing get to me because I knew that I had my family and a few good friends behind me. I graduated from college in 1989 with a B.S. degree in Mass Communications. I worked in this field for 4 years when I decided that I wasn't going any where so I went back to college. I finished the water and wastewater technology course at St. Cloud Tech college in 1996 and received my Minnesota class D license for both water and waste water. I am now employed as a environmental tech for a plating company.  I am however looking for work in northern Minnesota so I can be closer to my family.  When I am not working you either find me out on a lake in northern Minnesota or walking in the woods by my home or where we hunt deer or out on my road bike doing a training ride. I have been a competitive cyclist since 1985. Thanks to some good friends who have helped me through the years become a rider who on a good day can win a race.  I am the reigning Minnesota State Time Trial Champion for the Master 30-34 stock division.  I also do a little cross country ski racing and placed 11th out of 30, second out of three in age division and was the top male from Int'l Falls in the local ski race this year.  I guess hope that my story can give somebody some inspiration and show them that with a little belief in one's self and a little hard work that any thing is possible.  I also know that if it wasn't for my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and my good friends I wouldn't probably be the person I am today. These are the people that told me that told go for it and to see what I can do and with this I want to personally thank them all.  I am very willing to answer any question to the best of my ability.  My email address is


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