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"You were created with purpose before
you were ever conceived. Every cell of your being
has been crafted by God.

Tiny fingers, Tiny toes
a soul that he already knows.
Treasure, value, exceeding worth,
has every child before their birth.
You were not an option,
you are a miracle.
you are "precious"

(used with permission by Michelle Meade
"Remember Me" jewelry")


Hello, We are the Swihart family. Our son Seth was born December 27th, 2002 with Apert Syndrome. Seth is our first child. I had a wonderful pregnancy with no complications. When i reached a week over my due date our doctor suggested an induction to avoid any complications with the baby. We agreed, and began the seventeen and a half labor process which resulted in a C- Section. Seth weighed a hefty 9 lbs 7 ounces and was just under 22 inches in length. He surprised all of us! we didn't expect him to be so big, nor did we expect our son to be diagnosed with a rare syndrome.

Upon Seth’s arrival complete silence filled the delivery room. Every now and then faint whispers could be heard. I asked my husband what was wrong and he kept squeezing my hand and reassuring me that everything was going to be ok. I told Mitch to go over and see our son, i could hear him talking to him, fussing over him and laughing. With a slight sigh of relief i thought maybe everything was ok afterall.

The doctor soon came over and explained that Seth’s hands and feet were “webbed” and that he did not have an explanation or a diagnosis at this time, that he would do everything he could to find out as soon as possible. What seemed like “hours” passed when a doctor from the NICU came to the room and proceeded to tell us that our son had a rare syndrome called “Apert.” Our heads whirled as he explained the complications that “typically” accompany this syndrome. Trying to prepare us, i assume, for the worst case scenario.

Seth stayed in the NICU for one week as doctors came down from Akron Childrens Hospital to perform the necessary tests and observations. Test by test Seth was beating the odds “internally” of what the doctors tried to prepare us for and he was sent home. Although Seth’s internals are fine along with his hearing and vision there are still many surgeries that he faces, but he continues to bring so much joy into our lives and into the lives of those around him. Seth is such a blessing and a treasure and we are honored that God chose us (out of 160,000+) and trusts us so much to take care of his precious child.

We love you Seth!!


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