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Hi, my name is Frans Wallenberg and I have Apert Syndrome. I am 39 years old and I live in Sweden. I live not far from Stockholm (the capital) its called Jakobsberg.  I have lived there all my life. My family are my father Egil, and mother Irma, and my two brothers Kenth and Roland, and also my sister Birgitte. 

When I was child, maybe 3-4 years old, I got my first surgery for my fingers. I have 4 fingers on each hand, and my toes are stuck together. I had a brain inflammation when I was 6 years old. I was in the hospital much when i first began school from first to third grade. So when I started from fourth to ninth grade i was in smaller classes. When I was twenty I had my first surgery on my face. I have surgery four times on my face. So that was the last surgery I had done.

I had some friends when was child. They took care of me when other children bullied me. I had to take care of myself many times also. But that is have been hard to grow up with Apert Syndrome. My friends and I played much football and ice hockey when we were kids. My interests have always been sports and sometimes old cars. My brothers had old cars when they were young.

I was 18 I started working. I worked with Stockholm's symphonic orchestra until six years ago. Then they closed the door for orchestra so now I work at another concert hall in Stockholm. I have been a caretaker all the time from first beginning. I like my job and friends on it. They help me to come with Apert association here in Sweden to five years ago.  So they are my good friends.

That is great to meet new friends on Teeters listserv. I have learned much during the two months I have been here. I hope I can give some ideá what we do here in Sweden.

From Frans


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