Hi, hola, kia ora, bonjour, hallo, ciao, aloha! 
I'm Elizabeth Sears, but all my friends call me Teeter! My mom and dad made this page for me. If you or someone you know has Apert Syndrome like me, or if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you!


This Internet safe haven is dedicated to the strength and 
determination of all of the people with craniofacial 
differences and their families.

This website was created January 1, 1996 as a single page on  America Online. We grew quickly, and moved our own domain on August 10, 1997.   

You can make a difference!  If you are able to help financially, please visit our charity website at www.apert-international.org.  No amount is too small, and every donation will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged.  98% of all contributions goes directly to benefit Apert families.  

You can also find us on Facebook.


You can write to us at CatNDon at apert.org or jump right to the action on Facebook - it's how our families communicate with each other, trade tips and tricks, and just get to know each other. It's the backbone of our support system.  

Or you can contact us at: 

Don & Cathie Sears
Post Office Box 2571
Columbia, SC  29202
(803) 732-2372

What's New:  

Currently redesigning parts of the website.


Books by our families



Little Kids - Big Adventures: 25 Incredible Family Trips

by Lisa McGahan

A family travel book describing 25 international adventures across six continents. Purposeful travel where the kids are engaged in and not just entertained by the places they travel to. Specific ideas and recommendations for community service to participate in with your family while traveling. Each of the 25 travel destinations includes a description of the city, a list of the top things to see and do in the city, insider tips on where to eat and tours to take, and a wonderful travel journal with questions for the family to answer.The book will inspire you to travel with your family, to see places you never imagined you would take your children and to do something while you are there to leave the city a better place than you found it.

A Closer Look, by Carmen Anita Mickley

"Will you take a closer look?" Everyone wants and deserves to be loved for who they are, not judged for how they look. This heartfelt poem, written by a mother, encourages others to look beyond the visible differences and find the person inside. Illustrated with candid photos of children and adults with facial differences, "A Closer Look," shows the person beyond the diagnosis. "A Closer Look" can change a mind, a changed mind can change a heart, a changed heart can change a life.


This is an absolutely wonderful illustrated childrens' book about Simon Reinder, who happens to have been born with Apert Syndrome.  The story begins with the anticipation of the family for the new child who is coming, and then coping with differences, and how the family reacts.  I can't say enough about this book - it is a must-have.  Written in German and translated into English.

To order, write to the Reinder family and visit their website!  The price is very reasonable, 4 Euros (less than $6 at current exchange rates) and you can pay via Paypal.  Write to Petra (Simon's Mom) at preinders at t-online.de

Get your own copy of Steve Doherty's great book, Maggie, available from Seaview Press.

Our very own Jeanne McDermott has her book, Babyface: A Story of Heart and Bones published and is available for purchase online!  Follow the links below to read reviews or buy the book online - it is GREAT!

Reviews and purchase information at amazon.com

Reviews and purchase information at barnesandnoble.com

Teeter's Internet Friends

Teeter loves to make new friends, and we have gotten lots of responses from this page! We would love to include your family here among Teeter's Internet Friends, just write me and let me know what you would like.

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Date of Birth

Email address

Courtney Jennerjohn 
February '93 

Dawn and John Jennerjohn 
dawn_j_nh at yahoo.com
Bedford, New Hampshire  USA

A. J. Sanchez 
June '92

Julie and Bob Sanchez 
juliesanchez27 at msn.com
Shoreline, Washington  USA

Lizzie Dixon 
1984 - 9/26/98 

Margaret and John Dixon 
JonDxn at aol.com
Oswego, New York  USA

Michelle Clark 

Christine & Jack Clark 
apertnet at ix.netcom.com
Fair Oaks, California  USA

Jeany Pak 
June '71 

Jeany Pak 
shuijeanpak at yahoo.com
Wendy Pak 
Wendy_Pak at ridleycollege.com
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Rosemarie Starr

Rosemarie and George Starr 
dakotasport at fuse.net
daystar at iglou.com
Covington, Kentucky  USA

Nicole Contrino 
November '93 

Frank and Annette Contrino 
contrino2072 at gmail.com
Buffalo, New York  USA

Vivi Zhang 
August '95 

Qing Gong and 
Xiaonong Zhang 
gongqi at sch.ge.com
Albany, New York  USA

Mar Mar Iucker 

Joana Magno, MD, and John Iucker 
magnomd at aloha.net
Honolulu, Hawaii  USA

Shawn Allison 
June 1994 

Laura and Michael Allison 
gousa at gousainc.com
Kansas City, Missouri  USA

Kajsa Dohrman 
December '89 

Annalena Dohrman and Jan Gunnarsson 
mg11509 at gaia.swipnet.se
Sundsvall, Sweden

Jay McGee 

Danelle and Mike McGee 
No email at this time
Cresco, Iowa  USA

Patrick Bruns 
May '83

Beth & Dan Bruns 
102051.347 at CompuServe.com
St. Louis, Missouri  USA

Alex Irvin 
January '90 

Amy & Dudley Irvin 
airvin at columbus.rr.com
Westerville, Ohio  USA

Krista Horning 
July 21, 1987 

Bob Horning 
Horning_Bob at htc.honeywell.com
Savage, Minnesota  USA

Meredith Leonard 

Grace Leonard 
Tewksbury, Massachusetts  USA

Daryl Graham 
February '96 

Denise & Chad Graham 
onemoretime30 at hotmail.com
Shelbyville, Tennessee  USA

Kyle Egan 

Debbi & Mike Egan 
debbiegan at aol.com 

Joao Byington 

Olivia Byington &
Edgar Duvivier 

evoe at Enterprise.cybernet.com.br
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Cecilia Wallenius
cecilia.wallenius at vattnet.com
February '82 

Lisa & Yngve Wallenius 
yngwa at nykoping.nu
Nyköping, Sweden


Casey Deakins 

Sandy & Tony Deakins 
TDeakins1 at aol.com
Orlando, Florida  USA

Adrienne Rus 
January '95 

Mary J. & Allen Rus 
RusM at osc.army.mil
Eldridge, Iowa  USA

Roddy Meeks 
August '88 

Fayrene Meeks 
fmeeksau at isd.saginaw.k12.mi.us
Saginaw, Michigan  USA

Jake Bailey 
May '96 

Laurie & Kevin Bailey 
jkb at elpaso.net
El Paso, Illinois  USA

Amy Esler 
February '91 

Ann Luxton & Howard Esler 
howrdnan at ihug.co.nz
Auckland, New Zealand

Cian Gavin 
June '96 

Carol & Simon Gavin 
simongavin at eircom.net
Sallins, Ireland

Jackie Lynn 

Mark & Kathy Wittenburg 
Kathy_Wittenburg at tempe.gov
Mesa, Arizona  USA

B. J. Harmon

Mr. & Mrs. D. M. Harmon
San Antonio, Texas  USA

Andrea Gartner

medbillerchic at earthlink.net

Brenna Johnston 
aka Sugar Plum 
May 14, 1996 
Crouzon's Syndrome

Robyn Johnston 
robyn at ordata.com
Eugene, Oregon  USA

Ceci Kilner 
October 1994 - 
March 19, 1998

Chris and Reggie Kilner 
kilner at worldnet.att.net
ckilner at viennapat.com
Alexandria, Virginia  USA

Jonathan Siebert 
December 6, 1996

George & Brenda Siebert 
GSieb91515 at aol.com

Nicolas Graves
November 26, 1991

Tim & Carol Graves 
gravesfam5 at bluemarble.net
Bloomfield, Indiana USA

Lindsay MacDonald 
April 2, 1992

Robin  MacDonald 
rmacd at rogers.com
Paris, Ontario 

Laurent Sents 
March 30, 1983 
Kniest's Syndrome

philippe.sents at pi.be
Maggy.Delbouille at CockerillSambre.be

Sarah LeCara
April 4, 1997 

Tamara Pedlow (LeCara)
tpedlow at houston.rr.com
Houston, Texas  USA

Sarah Elizabeth Yenney 

Martha Palacio 
January 12, 1996 

José Palacio and Laura Pulido 
laura.pulido at cshs.org
Los Angeles, California  USA

Roxanne Chan 
November 9, 1988 

Joseph and Rose Chan 
jchan7 at comcast.net
LaMirada, California  USA

Emily Krebs

Brian & Janine Krebs 
yonstein at aol.com
Long Island, New York  USA

Jordan Graham

Jennifer & Joe Graham
joeandjennifergraham at yahoo.com 
Columbia, Missouri  USA

Billy Foster

Karen Foster 
1335 Sanderson Avenue 
Scranton, Pennsylvania USA  18509 
foster at icontech.com

Jake Niemi

Steve & Elizabeth Niemi 
sniemi1 at aol.com
Scottsdale, Arizona  USA

Nick Amerman

Bill & Judy Amerman 
Monroe, Michigan  USA jamerman1955 at att.net

Thomas "Seth"

Dori & Rick Jefferson 
83 Pine Lane 
Carbondale, Illinois  USA 
djeff at midwest.net

Nicole Miller

Jack & Raquel Miller
Sharpsburg, Georgia  USA
jnrmiller at comcast.net

Quentin Zaengle 
March 1, 1993

Joseph and Anne Zaengle
Anne.Zaengle at comcast.net 
North Wales, Pennsylvania  USA

Michael Kuras

Mark Kuras 
kurasmp at bellatlantic.net

Zoey Mathis

Zoey Mathis 
January 18, 1997

Christina Mathis
tinamathis19 at hotmail.com
San Antonio, Texas  USA

Blake Scofield 
April 15, 1994 
Crouzon's Syndrome

Everette & Gaylann Hicks 

Carlee Williams 
June 4, 1998

Cristy & Clyde Williams 
carleesmom98 at aol.com

Orange Park, Florida  USA

Jasmyn Boczkowski
cowgirl629 at hotmail.com 

June 29, 1988

Patricia Smith 
res0v546 at verizon.net
San Bernadino, California  USA

Kayla Smith

Mark Smith 
markandmarinasmith at charter.net
Warren, Pennsylvania  USA
Michele Smith

rednewbie0605 at yahoo.com

Liz Saylan

Sapphire_Blue31 at hotmail.com
Roswell. Georgia  USA

Carmen Rae Hill

Mike and Robin Hill 
carmenrae at prodigy.net
Newnan, Georgia USA

Sean Avdovich
August 5, 1987 -
May 13, 2001

Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada

Paige MacDonald

Sheila and Tom MacDonald 
SMacdo1030 at aol.com
Melrose, Massachusetts  USA

Kelly Spadini
October 10, 1981

kspadini1010 at yahoo.com
Roseville, California  USA

Maxine Reed

rreed3 at pacbell.net
Modesto, California  USA

Miles Hubbard

Jason & Victoria Hubbard
hubbardjason at hotmail.com
England, UK

Saige Blotske
November 1, 1998

Trevor and April Blotske
tblotske at rof.net
Carbondale, Colorado  USA

Lisa Picht
July 29, 1989

Deb Picht
rldpicht at starpoint.net
Marshall, Minnesota  USA

Samantha Guyette
November 11, 1998
Samantha's Summer Adventures

Lisa and Richard Guyette
lam1126 at aol.com
Camarillo, California  USA

Courtney Holt
June 3, 1998

Tim and Mechelle Holt
mholt26 at aol.com
Hendersonville, North Carolina  USA

Shellie Bradley

Ryan and Martha Bradley
bradleymac5 at bex.net
Toledo, Ohio  USA

Mieke Maartense
February 26, 1984

's-Heerenhoek, Holland

Kevin Lee
December 7, 1973

NJ_Benny at yahoo.com
Hampton, New Jersey, USA

Nicholas Waldhauer
November 26, 1994

Shannon Waldhauer
losmar at bellsouth.net
Savannah, Georgia, USA

Susanna Immonen

eero.immonen at pp.inet.fi

Ashleigh Hamzsak

Carol Hamzsak
cazza28760 at aapt.net.au
Victoria, Australia

Susie Lower

drsuz at peoplepc.com
Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Aryaman Singh
July 27, 1999

Lt. Commander Arjun Rana and 
Mrs. Anju Rana
arjun_rana at hotmail.com
Bombay-Colaba, India

Mason Pittman
February 9, 1999

Karin Meadows
karinmeadows at hotmail.com
Denver, Colorado, USA

Dannyellee Schafer

Kathy Sparks
Sparks884 at cs.com

Joshua Benson Lemon

Pete Lemon

tessier facial cleft

baconsmith at shaw.ca

Maile Ogata
October 1999

Ernest & Cindy Ogata
pawsiewawsie at aol.com
Honolulu, Hawaii  USA

Mollie Anne Pedigo
March 23, 1994

The Pedigos
email and address withheld by request

Jenny Brown
November 11, 1966

No email address at this time
Savannah, Georgia  USA

Maggie Doherty

Steve and Claire Doherty
srdohert at mpx.com.au
Tamworth, Australia

Morgan McGahan

Lisa & Bill McGahan
mcgahanfamily at comcast.net
Short Hills, New Jersey  USA

Todd "TJ" Johnsen
May 22, 1980

Dan and Amy Johnsen
ajmoon at opexonline.com
Sandwich, Illinois  USA

Debbie Drop

tvee428 at aol.com

Shayne Stillar

spsbike at hotmail.com
International Falls, Minnesota USA

Marina Isaacs
August 29, 2000

Maria and Forrest Isaacs
sevilla777 at cox.net
Tucson, Arizona  USA

Moisé Cunha
April 10, 1998
Moisés Page in Brazil

Rosângela and João Carlos Cunha
moisesapert at ig.com.br
rdgcunha at bol.com.br
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Cheong Kai Lin
January 17, 1997

May Thien & Cheong
maycsc at mbox3.singnet.com.sg

Chris & Tony Sapp
March 11, 1988

Patty Sapp
menasgram at aol.com
West Palm Beach, Florida USA

Oscar Ocaña
April 15, 2000 -
December 9, 2005

Rosa María and Enrique Ocaña
rabaco at prodigy.net.mx
cocodeagua at hotmail.com
Querétaro Qro, México

Doneen Key

doneenkey at gmail.com
Madison, North Carolina  USA

Matthew Whitten
February 6, 2001

Cheryl and David Whitten
Mama24Cheryl at aol.com
Mercedes, Texas, USA

Andrew Hartley
April 30, 1998

Rich & Karen Hartley
rich.hartley at yoh.com
Collegeville, Pennsylvania  USA

Eric Dudley
December 30, 1993

David and Sandy Dudley sdudley at qwest.net
Littleton, Colorado  USA

Anna Baker
April 1, 2000
Pfeiffer syndrome

Tammy Baker
no email at this time
Paradise, California  USA

Preben Wilsgård

Lisa Wilsgård
wilsga at online.no

Maria Elena Servin
June 2, 1999 - 
July 13, 2001

A memorial page by Lisa Guyette

Samantha Blythe
November 5, 1980

GroovyWheeler at comcast.net
Philomath, Oregon  USA


Travis and Julianna
jayjayn at att.net
Fort Worth, Texas  USA

Frans Wallenberg

f.frasse at bredband.net
Jakobsberg, Sweden

Freddie Casavant
February 5, 1959 -
September 22, 1972

Nora Jacobs
noraj at sasktel.net
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Sabrina Robineau
April 9, 1989
Pfeiffer syndrome
sabrinarobineau at hotmail.com

Jo-Anne Perras
joanneperras at hotmail.com

Gatineau, Quebec Canada

Brodie Bullock
June 18, 2001 -
January 20, 2004

Pfeiffer syndrome

Sharon Bullock
sharonbullock at msn.com
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Palko Kočárik

Peter and Zuzana Kočárik
kocarikp at marta.sk

Raymond Gilbreath
July 7, 1992

Ray and Michelle Gilbreath
raymichgil at msn.com
Olympia, Washington USA

Henry Morgan Johnson
June 15, 2002

Rachel and T.J. Johnson
Turlock, California USA

Marcus Cantu

Alma Cantu
cantual at hotmail.com
Dallas, Texas  USA

Tiril and Veslemøy Taule

Morgan and Lise Taule
morg-tau at online.no

La'Jada Colon-Howard
February 9, 1997

Thomas and Karen Colon-Howard
takeesha at pmcol.com
Pageland, South Carolina USA

Paden Jolley

Jeff and Jolene Jolley
yeehaw1475 at yahoo.com
Tooele, Utah USA

Robert Kale
May 30, 2001

Debbie and Brian Kale
debbie at ekale dot com
Leesburg, Virginia  USA

Emma Wood

Hannah Donnelly
February 14, 2001

Pearl & Michael Donnelly
pmhdonnelly47 at eircom.net

Callie Hanson
September 21, 2002

Randy & Cari Hanson
calliejohanson at insightbb.com
Wyanet, Illinois USA

Evan Milburn
June 1, 1996

Marianne Camous
camous at earthlink.net
San Carlos, California  USA

Dan Alliot

SirDan386 at wmconnect.com
Florida, USA

Kyle Thornton
October 8, 2002

Crouzon Syndrome

Len & Amy Thornton len at lenthornton.com amy at amythornton.com
Newfane, New York, USA

Jayden Micah Hooker
October 29, 1999 - January 13, 2003

Mesha March (Aunt)
ahsem at earthlink.net
Farmington, New Mexico  USA

Mark Dubas
January 17, 1964

murphy at plattevalley.net
Columbus, Nebraska  USA

Dustin Wright
October 28, 2002

Rob & Toni Wright
noreenmccarron at shaw.ca

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Sarahi Silva
February 9, 2000

Jessica and Pedro Silva
jessicaisilva at hotmail.com

Houston, Texas  USA

Seth Swihart

Stacy and Mitch Swihart
mythreekids at neo.rr.com

Canton, Ohio  USA

Charlene Walker
January 4, 1973

simba001 at gbronline.com
Albuquerque, New Mexico  USA

Kaylee Santiago
May 4, 2000

Tonya Thorpe
gopatstanya at aol.com
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  USA

Rena Powitz
October 4, 2001

David and Tzilla Powitz
zilladavid at yahoo.com

Far Rockaway, New York  USA

Katey Spears
August 27, 1995

Jennifer and Billy Spears
jennspears1 at aol.com
Clermont, Florida  USA

MacKenzie Weber-Silva
November 17, 1999
pfeiffer syndrome

Danielle Silva
Backyardiganmom at yahoo.com

Herlong, California  USA

Darren Potter
February 27, 2002
EEC Syndrome

Dave and Cat Potter
catherine.potter at verizon.net

Hickam AFB, Hawaii  USA

David Banner
October 8, 1946

dbanner at techline.com
Cosmopolis, Washington  USA

Shirley Barnett
June 9, 1993

Alice and Bill Barnett
BBarn60368 at aol.com
Lake Mary, Florida  USA

Shara Flores
May 17, 2001

Bernard and Heather Flores
thefloresfam at sbcglobal.net
Oroville, California  USA

Shyan JiaLi Stewart
June 23, 2003

Dennis and Rebecca Stewart
rstewart246 at charter.net
Scottsboro, Alabama  USA

Ashanti Kristina
April 1, 2003

Barry and LaQuinta

March 18, 2003

John and Jasmine

Olivia Marie Sanborn
December 23, 2002
Pfeiffer syndrome

Mark and Laurel Sanborn
Laurelsanborn at cs.com
Richmond, Vermont  USA

Avery Murden
July 31, 2001

Richard & Andrea Murden
mail at murdenfamily.com

Chesapeake, Virginia  USA

Michelle Robertson
September 5, 1980

keleahsmygirl at hotmail.com
Franklin, Wisconsin  USA

Letícia Figueiredo
July 5, 1996

Celso & Débora Figueiredo

apertbrasil at directnet.com.br

São José dos Campos,  Brasil

Ava Marie Beeler
February 13, 2003
Craniosynostosis with cloverleaf

Malcolm and Laura Beeler
lmabeeler at comcast.net

Portland, Connecticut  USA

Beeler Family Website

Ryan Craig
September 1, 2000

Shane Craig and Julie Blakey
julieblakey1980 at yahoo.com

Vine Grove, Kentucky  USA

Alex Rodriguez

alxalx21 at netscape.net
Pembroke Pines, Florida  USA

Jessica and Ashley Bock
(Ashley has Apert)
June 29, 2004

Mike and Lisa Bock
lmichlik at sbcglobal.net

Houston, Texas  USA 

Dave Johnson
November 30, 1938

Dorothy Hunt (Dave's sister)
dotandbill at shaw.ca
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario  Canada

Antonio Estrada
July 12, 2003

Antonio and Hope Estrada
hopee78210 at yahoo.com
San Antonio, Texas  USA

Emma Freimark
June 3, 2000

Kym Freimark
kymmyf at yahoo.com
Portland, Oregon  USA

Ashley Marie Vella-Zarb
May 13, 2003
Pfeiffer syndrome

Annette Vella-Zarb
annette at barcroft.com
Sarnia, Ontario  Canada

Trey Shaw
July 2, 1998

Ross Shaw
sjshaws at earthlink.net
San Jose, California  USA

Evan Meder
June 13, 2004

Margaret and Randy Meder
mmeder at earthlink.net

Raleigh, North Carolina  USA

Sam Murphy
December 29, 1997

Bill and Angie Murphy
coloradomurpheys at adelphia.net

Colorado Springs, Colorado  USA

Ashlee Abramson

superashlee365 at hotmail.com
New Westminster, British Columbia

Luciano Cervera
June 22, 2004

Victor Cervera
luciano_c_v at yahoo.es


Molly Egan
December 6, 2002

Patrick and Pattie Egan
pategans at yahoo.com
Sacramento, California  USA

Marco Garcia
July 21, 1981

Mormonkiko at hotmail.com
Brownsville, Texas  USA

Bryson Hooper
September 2, 1992
Pfeiffer syndrome

Bill & Melissa Hooper
mshooper at msn.com
Lewisville, North Carolina, USA

Hunter Moss
November 10, 1999

Kristin Moss
kristin at wmtel.net
Webster City, Iowa  USA

Jacob Leatham
August 26, 2004 - December 20, 2004

Kathy La Plante (Grandmother)
culnana924 at aol.com
Worcester, Massachusetts  USA

John Moulton

johnmoultonwgo at comcast.net
Kittery, Maine  USA

Julia vonTauffkirchen
May 22, 2004 -
February 12, 2005

Elizabeth and Erik vonTauffkirchen
evontauffkirchen at yahoo.com

Bayfield, Colorado  USA

Kris Contreras
July 2, 1983

basketballblue2 at yahoo.com
Deer Park, Texas  USA

Brisa Dougan
April 25, 2005

Don and Melissa Dougan
HTown5933 at aol.com
Midlothian, Texas  USA

Natalie James
May 2004

Paul & Chynel James
pc_james at xtra.co.nz|
apert at apert.org.nz
Auckland, New Zealand

Samual Lea
July 4, 1999

Tina Lea
tinalea at xtra.co.nz
Napier, New Zealand

Brittany Balentine

Angela Balentine
abalentine2664 at charter.net

Huntington, Tennessee USA

Mathias Erdman
May 14, 2003

Jamie Kinney
jamiesk29 at hotmail.com
Quincy, Washington  USA

Fiamma Izzo
September 16, 2004 -
January 22, 2005
Pfeiffer Syndrome

Antonio Izzo and Stefania Morrone
carciofo65 at alice.it
Naples, Italy

Brooke Bell
December 22, 1996

Steve and Stacy Bell
scrapbratt at gmail.com
Severn, Maryland  USA

Chase Bonner

Kathy Bonner (Grandmother)
kathy48609 at yahoo.com
Saginaw, Michigan  USA

Zachary Piercefield
July 22, 2005

Brady and Rachel Piercefield
bpiercefield at yahoo.com
Martinsville, Indiana  USA

Isaiah Buchanon
January 11, 2005

Timmy and Nicki Buchanon
nicki at logantele.com
Kentucky, USA

Aric Huber
July 14, 1994

Andy & Pam Huber

Evansville, Indiana  USA

Mackenzie Sheets
November 16, 2005
Mackenzie's Caringbridge Page

Kacie Craig and Kenneth Sheets
mackenzie0100 at yahoo.com
Johnson City, Tennessee  USA

Jack Smith
May 27, 2005

David and Marie Smith
empwrn at bellsouth.net
Birmingham, Alabama, USA

Florian Oettle
November 8, 2003

Michael and Susanne Oettle
michaeloettle at gmx.de
Ravensburg, Germany

Josie Elizabeth Dowd
February 3, 2006

Josie's Caringbridge Page 

Mark and Kellie Dowd craftyk at bigwaterbass.com
Westland, Michigan  USA

Angel Toribio
October 8, 2005

Leopoldo and Eva Leah Toribio
leopoldotoribio at yahoo.com
Cebu City, Philippines

Haylee Clark
July 11, 2005

Eric and Lita Clark
ericandlita at gmail.com

Lebanon, Ohio  USA

Dustin Villarreal
December 1, 1990

patrioticdustin at yahoo.com

Dee Ann and Dennis Villarreal
dusden2000 at yahoo.com
Olathe, Kansas  USA

Dominic Rossi
December 7, 2005

Jim and Kelly Rossi
Dorothy Akin (Great Aunt)
takin8 at msn.com
Depew, New York  USA

Shanti Gaoiran
February 17, 2004

Rhoda Ortega (cousin)
rhoda_gaea_jane at yahoo.com

Logan Wise
March 24, 1990

Ann Wise
amwise at comcast.net
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania USA

Dayan Haddad
July 24, 2004

Marco and Yessika Haddad
haddadmarco at hotmail.com
Tecate, Baja California. México

Kinze Johnson
March 9, 2005

Stacy and Jeff Johnson
ladyflower1 at yahoo.com
Shabbona, Illinois  USA

Max Abel
May 5, 2005

Beth and Jeffrey Abel
bka_jas at yahoo.com
Houston, Texas  USA

Josh Perry

cigarjosh89 at yahoo.com
Sterling Heights, Michigan  USA

Sayhana Naranjo Garcia
March 6, 2000

Sandra Garcia Osorio y Jorge Ramirez
sayhanan at telecom.com.co
Colombia, South America

Camila Pagán-Torres
October 29, 2005

Jannette M. Torres-Adorno and
Roberto L.
jannettet3000 at yahoo.com
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Ekin Demiroren
September 25, 2006

Vedat and Muruvet Demiroren
vdemiroren at sisecam.com
Mersin, Turkey

Miles Ferderber
August 6, 2003

Jean and Stephen Ferderber
vannmiles9903 at yahoo.com
Toronto, Canada

Theodor Skeide
April 2, 2006

Oddveig and Kristian Skeide
oddveig at dragsund.com
Heroy, Norway

K'Joi Angel Avery
February 2, 2002

Kimmie Jeter
ka_jeter at yahoo.com
Fort Smith, Arkansas  USA

Anakin Neff
September 27, 2005

Scott and Joanne Neff
superbi69 at epix.net
Nanticoke Pennsylvania  USA

Nicolás Ángel Eduardo Siciliano Pino
August 1, 2006

Lorena Pino y Enzio Siciliano
enzio.siciliano at gmail.com
Santiago, Chile

Metka Kogovšek

metkasa25 at gmail.com

Jolene Flores
April 22, 2002

Michael & Paula Flores
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Alejandro Penaco

Federico B. Araniego Jr (Godfather)
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Alex Matson
crouzon syndrome

Paul and Gina Matson
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December 12, 2006
pfeiffer syndrome

Amanda and Buddy Joe Godfrey
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Anna Wojcik
August 14, 1976

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Lia Burton
Pfeiffer Syndrome

Lia at redsurvival.org
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Oscar Antonio
August 7, 2008

Oscar Fabricio Loor and Amparito Nicolalde
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Santo Domingo, Ecuador

Evelyn Ulrich
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Sherina Howard
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How to get yourself or your child on this website

When I started surfing the internet, I just knew it would be overflowing with information about Apert and related syndromes. Well, as you know if you found this page by a search, that is not the case... we can change that!

I would be happy to include you or your child as Teeter's friend, but I will not do so without your express permission. Your right to privacy is important to us. The presentation I can do for you can be:

  • A simple mention with no email address

  • A mention with your email address

  • A text web page for you or your child - You write the story, and I will convert it to HTML and post it as a link from Teeter's Page

  • Same as above, but with picture(s) of your choice

We have scanning equipment and do not mind at all scanning your photos for you.  Send your pictures to me, I'll do the scanning, and return your valuables to you safe and sound. Any of you who want ANY pictures scanned, not just for the page, I'll be happy to do that too!

Anyway, just write to us, and tell us what you would like included. Text files should be written on a simple processing program like Notepad which will allow you to save the file as plain text, then just use your email program or browser to attach the file to an email to me. I hope that we can make this a web site to be really proud of!!!    


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